Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my hubby is home

well he got home last tuesday but i am finally posting this. been so busy ya know but his plane got here at 11:10 am. thats his plane comming in. i had to squeeze between all of the people to get this picture by the way. but then they all filed off the plane and into formation.then after they all got off the plane they marched into the buildingthat is one of the best things ever to see. i love seeing any military marching. its the foundation of our country if you ask me. but then they were all formed up inside this little room then we had to listen to the national anthem and the army song and stuff and a guy talk which was the shortest speech ever thank goodness. cause i couldnt tell you what he said. thats him in the middle of the picture by the way. but then they were released and we fought threw the crowd and found eachother and thats all the good stuff then he went to the company and turned in his weapons and stuff and we came home. the end LOL. well just wanted to share. see ya

Monday, October 22, 2007

alexias new shirt

thats right folks i am at it again. i made alexia a shirt. she is having a fall festival on friday and the kids are supposed to wear orange but no costumes or nothing. and it is all fall themed not halloween themed. however alexia didnt have anything orange so i asked her if she wanted me to buy her a shirt or make her a shirt. and her being 4 she wanted me to make it. so i whiped this up. total cost was about 7 bucks so its about as much as a store bought shirt. and she loves the fact i made it. she said its very plain so after the festival i might put an iron-on on the front or something. but i am glad it turned out so good. this is the first time i made something with no pattern. anywho i am gonna finish going nuts now. my hubby comes home tomorrow!!! i am so excited!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

no clear skin yet

well it has bees a little over a week and i dont have clear skin yet. it is a bit better. and when i say that i mean a tiny bit better. but the box does say to give it a month. so in 3 more weeks i should be good to go. oh and by the way my hubby comes home tuesday. so there is another soldier safely returning from iraq. it seems you hear more about about the ones that dont sometimes. but we are very excited. and i am finishing up a shirt for lex too. its sewn. and i would be done already but i cant find the button holer thing for the sewing machine. well talk to yall later.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i gotta face it

i have acne!!! yep at 26 years old my face refuses to clear up. i never had any issues till i was grown. apparently its from my depo shot but we arent giving that up so i gotta think of something. so i finally caved in and bought some proactive. ya know the stuff on the infomercials at 2 in the morning. well it arived today
and lemme tell you these are the smallest thingies ever. how it will last for a whole month i have no clue. but we will see. i gotta use it every morning and night. oh and there are the before and after pictures in the book too so i took a before picture so yall can see for yourself if its working or not. i will try to remember to post every friday (yes i know today is thursday) hopefully i will if not i will post them whenever i remember. i will be the REAL informercial!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

this weeks movie review

tonight i watch Georgia Rule. now i read the critiques thoughts and they weren't to impressed with it. however i really liked the movie. i thought it was gonna be about a power struggle between a grand ma and grand daughter who are exactly alike and a mom to passive to say anything. however it is about molestation and telling the truth. its like a boy who cried wolf story....kinda. but in the end i really wanted to cry. i didn't!!!! but i wanted to. i enjoyed it alot. but don't know if i will buy it or not. i give it 4 outta 5 stars. oh yeah and this is the movie that Lindsy was "to exhausted" to go to work on. and she got that letter from the producer saying shes needs to stop partying cause shes waisting their time and money. that was the start of her big problems. oh well off to bed for me. 2 weeks and 5 days till my man is home for good!!! I'm so excited

alexias scrunchies

i got these 2 great buttons from a very good friend of mine cause my daughter is obsessed with doggies. so i made her these 2 scrunchies with the buttons. they turned out really nice don't ya think!!!! i like them alot

Monday, October 01, 2007


i made these for an exchange in one of the groups i am in. the pumpkin came from gingersnap boutique here is the link to buy it: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6941377 the spider is from a book called called holiday fridgies. by maggie weldon. hope you guys like them. i am off to watch the rest of heros!!!!!
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