Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aziza's PJ pants

i made these for my 12 year old cousin. she wants to wear pants and a shirt to sleep in. and so i made these for her. they are sooooo soft i absolutly love them. i am really happy with how they turned out. i hope she dont think they are to young though since they are raggedy ann and andy. but oh well its not like anyone will see them besides the family anyway. and if she still dont want them i will gladly wear them!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

alexias new shirt

i finally got a sewing machin for christmas so i went to hobby lobby taoday and got 2 patterns and some material. i was supposed to make a shirt and pants out of this material but i got the wrong amount. so its just a shirt. and yes its pretty jacked up but its still cute. tomorrow i will make PJ pants for my cousin and for alexia. i just love how the three is in the front of this and she is 3 years old. i am proud of myself!!!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

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Friday, December 22, 2006

martha stewart coming home poncho

i finishe this today. had to go buy a whole skin of yarn just so i could do the last like 10 stiches. i used lions brand homespun yarn color 338 nouveau. after i got the first 4 skeins i found out there is a dye lot. so there are like 5 diffrent dye lots in this one poncho. so annoying. but at least i know for next time though right. i am gonna make alexia one too. i let her pick the color for hers and she picked fushia (go figure). but all in all i am very happy with it. diffrent dye lots and all. it looks like its supposed to be like that. and the dark patch on my arm, belive it or not is not a new skein. one shein was just super blye on the middle. heres a link to it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cow potholder

i made this to go in my new kitchen. since i will be moving back to VA due to the divorce i will get to decorate everything however i want to. and one of those ways is tons of cows. there will also be lots of pink and lots of scarface stuff. i love that move so much!!!! but the cow is called handy holsten. and is in the book hooked on crochet from 1994 (cant make out the months sorry) and its a make it tonight pattern. however i couldnt make it in a night cause i ran out of white yarn before i could do the ears (which i hate cause they look like mouse ears) but if i woulda had the white yarn i woulda been able to make it in a night. i started on a poncho so i wont make its friend until i am finished with that

Monday, December 18, 2006


i made this square for my group. we are doing an
afghan in a year exchange and lemme tell ya this square gave me a headach from h$!! so i kinda made it up at parts. but its still nice. and its a tad bigger then 12 inches but its ok . well here is the link to it

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Alexias Tree

this is alexias christmas tree. my sister-in-law gave it to her. there is a button on the inside that you push and the cinderella on top spins and plays we wish you a merry christmas. its really nice. and alexia loves it!!!!

our tree

this is our christmas tree. its a martha stewart 6.5 foot prelit tree. i got it from k mart on sale for 80 dollars. our star wont stay on the top though. it keeps falling off. so next year i will get a new one. or figure out how to get that one to stay on.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Last angel

well i am done with them i am supposed to make 2 more but i am so tired of making these things its a shame. this one is messed up though. she isnt as full when she stands up so she is sitting. this one is for my aunt belinda. hope everyone likes them.
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