Saturday, June 30, 2007


sorry this picture is so dark. if i turn the flash on its way to bright cause its white. but i made this yesterday. its for an exchangethe other side it verigated pink purple and white. the pattern is actually a coaster pattern that i just put together. its the friendship coaster. heres the link to that

NC tar heels pillow

i made this for my brother. hes a big fan of the tarheels. i got one more to do now. i think i will do the other in reverse. the background dark blue and the outline white. i dunno we will see.

poinsetta coasters

i made these for christmas. its kinda hard to really see them in this picture. but i used tacky glue and water to stiffen them up some. i wasnt sure how it would work but its great. i really liked this pattern. it was super fast and easy. heres the link to them


i made this for an exchange like 3 weeks or so ago. used plastic canvas yarn in the middle to give it a little extra scrubbiness i have no clue where i got the pattern or if its even done the way the pattern says. i know the pattern didnt have the plastic canvas yarn in it. i made this while watching the holiday. ya know the movie with camron diez. it was good but i am not sure i would watch it again. anywho see ya

Thursday, June 14, 2007

santa potholder

ok k so this isnt supposed to be a potholder. i got the pattern from a book called holiday afghans. and all of the afghans are made in squares and this is the christmas square. so i made it and made a back and put them together and there you go. now this isnt supposed to be done so it hangs on the corner. i did that on accident. i was so happy that its straight on the corner though. i have no clue how i will make one to match it since it was an accident. we will see though.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

santa door hanger

this is by the same wonderful woman that designed the snowman door hanger. i just love these. they are the cutest idea ever. however you know i always change something so i only added 20 strands for the beard instead of 40 and unravled the 4 threads that make up the one peice of yarn. and dummy me glued the hat on lopsided. so now the beard looks crooked. but its ok my momma always says thats the kinds stuff that builds character. anywho still really love the pattern and hope everyone makes one for their home!!!!!


santa ornament

i made this for a christmas gift also. it came from the sam book at the snowman one. however this pattern was for the elf they didnt have a santa. so i made the elf. and i changed the last row of the hat to white and left out the mouth. i took a cotton ball and streched it around his face then around the hat and glued it all in place. so its just one cotton ball. and there you go santa. well i am trying to find more santa patterns now. its eaiser to find snowmen the santas. but i will find something and keep you guys posted.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

snowman TP cover

i made this for my set also. i was planning on it being the last thing in the set but i am gonna make a few more and then go back to santa. this is a maggie waldon pattern. here is the link to where you can buy the pattern

Saturday, June 02, 2007

snowman potholders

i made these to go with the set for a christmas present. i still gotta do a TP cover and i found some more patterns i wanna try out too. i wasgonna end the st with the TP holder but i wanna try thes others too. dont worry i will share. this pattern came from a book called Ultimate Book of Potholders. hope you like !!!!!
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