Wednesday, May 30, 2007

snowman door hanger

i made this to go with the snowman towel holder. i also have one potholder done to go with it but will post a picture after i make the other one. hopefully that will be tonight and i will post the picture tomorrow. but who knows. i am so tired today i might not touch a hook. now with this pattern you should only have 3 jingle bells on the bottom. but me being me didnt read all of the directions and i put on all 5. 2 were supposed to go on the hat. but i think hes still a cutie pie. i just love him to bits and recomend the pattern to everyone. it was very fast and easy to do. i will probably make another after i do the santa door hanger. well here is the link. thanks tammy for letting me post it!!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

snowman towel holder

i made this today. it took forever. there are so many parts that you put together. but i still think hes cute. the picture is kinda dark. the scarf and earmuffs are grgeen and red and it looks black. i so need a new camera.

santa towel holder

i got this pattern from a book called holiday towel toppers byt maggies crochet. it was a realle easy pattern and i plan to make many more for christmas gifts. well maybe not many more. but at least 2 more. and i will make s few snowmen and stuff like that. but hes cute huh. took about an hour to do. i wes supposed to use googly eyes but didnt have any that fit so i thought the pompoms did ok. oh and apparently his hat is supposed to flop down but i crochet so tight it stands up. im awful i know. oh well i an gonna go hop on the treadmill then i will make another. i will post a picture when they are both done.
P.S. thats not the towel i will be sending with it. i am gonna get christmas ones from the dollar store at christmas time.

Friday, May 25, 2007

alexias new shirt

made this for alexia today. the one i made for her last summer is way to small so i made her a new one. its a bit diffrent then the other one but basically the same. it still has no back in it. just a tie. she picked her own yarn for it too. its called sherbert print by red heart. well see yall laters
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

flag bag

i made this bag today. not really for any reason. and i pretty much made it up as i went along. its kinda smushed up at the bottom of the blue so if i do ever make it agin i will add another row of blue to the bottom row. well anywho. hope you all like it

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

another shawl

well my mom thought that the last shawl was so nice she wanted me to make her one for her avon lunchon next month. this one is bigger but used less yarn. but i think i just got bigger skeins this time. who knows with me. i hope she likes it. its a little stiffer then the last one. but i will put it in the washer and then hang it to losen it up some. then it will go in the mail on saturday. hope she likes it. and since i am reading another pendragon book i will use a signature line from there.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

books a million

well i finally gave in and joined the books a million discount club thing. and i got the next pendragon book (my favorite series) and a free tote bag and a free cup of coffee coupon. all in all i think it was worth it!!!!now i gotta start this book i am so excited to read it. i love D.J. McHale


i finished the blue jean shawl for my aunt. i LOVE this pattern. it was so fast and every row seemed diffrent whici i love to do. i got on a roll and just could not put it down for nothing. i would suggest it to everyone wanting to make a shawl. however i needed 4 skeins of yarn not 3. but i also put a boarder on it too. but the 3 skiens were gone whit 3 rows left to do. si o figured if i have the yarn then why not do a boarder right. anywho heres the link for this.

teddy bear fridgies

i made these for my friends baby shower. its not till late august early september but wanted to get them done so i can make other stuff. heres the link

Friday, May 04, 2007

kitchen set

for my aunt for christmas

potholders are from a book. i cant find the cover though so i dont know the name or nothing sorry.
towel ring (sorry its so pinkish my camra is a pain lately)
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