Sunday, September 30, 2007


i made this doily for an exchange in at my house. i made it black cause its halloweenish. i have never seen orange thread before so black it is. its from a book called star doilies book no. 87. this one is the spider web doily. there are alot more rounds to it but i cut sone out of the middle and some off the edging. but it still looks good. not like a spider web but still good. right now i am making dounut pincushions for the quilt-a-thon nov 10th at work. in support of operation kid comfort. i will take pictures as soon as i can get some pins in them. see ya!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

this weeks movie review

ok yesterday i watched pan's labyrinth. lemme start by letting you all know......... this movie is in spanish!!!!! it has subtitles. i was soooo eerked when i found that out. they coulda said something on the commercial or something. i was all set to watch this and fold clothes but i couldnt cause i had to read the movie. but this movie is about a little girl whos mom marries a very evil military man. they are on a mountian and there are good guys living there and he is trying to kill them all. she (ofelia) hates this place and her pregnant mother falls very sick. she then finds out she is a princess but in order to return to her world she must compleate 3 tasks. her first task is to save a special tree by crawling in there and putting some stones in a frogs mouth and bringing back the key. she does this but destroys the dress her mother made her. she then helps make her mother better by putting mandrake root under her bed. next her 2nd task was to draw a door and go threw it and do what the faries tell her and not eat anything. well she did what the faires said and she got a dagger from a little door but she ate 2 grapes waking up this baby eating monster and then her door closed so she drew another and got away. however she broke the rules and was told she can never return to her kingdom. then she was going to feed the mandrake root (2 drops of blood a day) and was found by the captian (her new step dad) and her mom got mad and trew the mandrake root in the fire thus killing it. in return she instantly went into labor and died. but had a healthy baby boy. the house keeper lad is the sister to one of the good soldiers living in the woods and decided to go live with them. and was gonna take ofelia with her. but they got caught. ofelia was locked in her room and the housekeeper was about to be torchered. but she kept a knif in her dress just in case so was able to cut her self free and hurt the captian pretty bad and get away. but was surrounded and then the good guys shot all but one of the bad guys. the bad guy went and told the captian there are more good guys and they are outnumbered. all the while ofelia is in her room when she is given another chance to becom a princess. all she has to do is draw a door and get her baby brother and go into the labrynth. she does it and drugs the captians drink in the process. he catches her before she can leave but due to the drugs she has a chance. so he is chacing her trying to get the baby. she gets to the laberynth and is told she has to cut her brother to shed innocent blood on the portial for it to open and she will not do it. so she is left in the laberynth to never be a princess. he father catches her and takes the baby. she tell him to give her the baby and he shoots her too. when he leaves the laberynth he is surrounded by all the good guys and the house keeper he hands over the baby and they kill him. then you fine out the real final task was to sacrifice herself to save an innocent. and she did so she did become a princess. the end.

it was a good movie but i doubt i will ever watch it again. i am not a fan of subtitles. i give it a 3 outta 5 stars

Thursday, September 20, 2007

busy me

OK i haven't posted in forever but i am still working on my afghan for Lexi. i should have the second strip done tomorrow. but before work Wednesday i went to the thrift store and got these for a total of 10 dollars

there is a sweater for Lexi, a bag full of beads and 4 orange plastic canvas yarns. i also got Alexia a doll house with a dog and clothes and shoes and all this neat stuff but she snatched it and hasn't let go so its not in the picture. but over all it was a good buy in my opinion. i also got her Halloween costume. shes a cat this year. here is part of it. i will take a better picture later.
isn't she the cutest kid ever

Monday, September 17, 2007

this weeks movie review

THIS MOVIE ROCKS!!! i absolutly love it. it was so funny. sooooo funny. i am a fan of will farel though. alexia didnt want to watch it. i guess it was over her head. but i recomend it to anyone who needs a good laugh. i give it a definate 5 out of 5 stars

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

afghan so far

1 strip down 3 to go

this weeks movie review

this is the dumbest movie i have ever seen!!!! but it was funny too. it was a stupid funny. but do not let anyone under 14 watch this movie!!!!! its not for kids at all. its like scary move but alot dumber. i rate it a 2 outta 5 stars. it was ok. i am glad i didnt pay money to see it at a theater.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

long week

well after looking at other peoples blogs apparently i am the only one who will have like 4 diffrent posts in one day for each thing so i am gonna try putting them all together in one. well first off i was gonna do a crochet along in my group. but only 2 people signed up to do it. so i did it so i could then tell them what to do. but then one fell ill (get well soon Laura!!!) so i emailed the book to the other lady. here is the picture of my completed crochet along:
the book is called pudgy autumn characters. its a sachet really. it smells so good. i didn't think you would be able to really smell it threw the worsted weight yarn but you can. ain't she a cutie. no clue where she will go. i am thinking on the table in the entryway. and since i was in the Halloween theme so much lately i then signed up for a scrunchi exchange. now i wouldn't wear them but Alexia is in love with hair stuff. shes so girly. so for my partner i made a Halloween scrunchi:

i used the beads i bought for the Frankenstein fridgie cause i really don't see any other time of year i would use black beads. this was done with worsted weight yarn. and i an not one of those people who string all the beads on then start crocheting. i put them on the loops as i crochet. any who since the exchange is for 2 scrunchies i made another one too:

this one is very big. the scrunchi stretched as i was crocheting so its not really a tight scrunchi but i will be cute with a sun dress or something i think. i trimmed this in white just to make it pop a little. i finished this while watching a movie (you will read about that in my movie post). i also signed up for a bookmark exchange. now i have a online friend who made me the cutest bookmark ever. and i have been wanting the pattern for over a year. well she finally sent it to me so i made it for this exchange:

now this i JACKED UP!!! i miss counted the stitches at the beginning. so its all shushed at the bottom. but ti was my first time with the pattern and i still think it looks pretty good. very Christmas time.. also very stiff cause I crochet so tight. well then i didn't have nothing to crochet today so i figured i would start on Alexia's doggie afghan. its a Maggie Waldon pattern. here it is as of 6 pm today:

so that it for now. hope you guys enjoyed my week!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

frankinstein fridgie

i made this for an exchange. i think the design is by Ginger McCluer who has gingersnap boutique. i think. well hope you like it anyway

Sunday, September 02, 2007

heart doily

i made this for an exchange too. it came from a book but for the life of me cant remember what book. sorry guys. hope you like it anyways

Saturday, September 01, 2007

my tissue box

i made this for an exchange. i am doing alot of halloween things now so i hope my partner dont mind. and thats a ghost on it not a white blob LOL. there is another on on another side but im not showing that side im gonna show the other spider web
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