Saturday, August 25, 2007

hooded scarf

i made this as a christmas gift fr my aunt. i got the pattern from a book called hooded scarfs and mittens. i am not making the mittens though. it was so fast to do. its good for craft shows and stuff. i might just make me one

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

candy corn cup cozies and coasters

i made these for an exchange. its not a haloween exchange just a cup cozie and coaster exchange. i made them haloween cause everytone seems to have halloween on the brain already. alexia is gonna be a cat this year. but she made it very clear she does not want the paint on her face. so now i am looking for a mask. or at least a cat nose thingie

flower heart doily

this is my first time posting on here since i joined so i figured i would post something good. i just finished this up today. its for Christmas of course and i was thinking it would be alot bigger then it is. its only 7 inches from the bottom point to the top point. and it should be a doily but i think its to small to be one. but that's OK cause its not for me wither. oh and it was also my first time doing the symbols. ya know what i mean. like they have in the magic crochet magazines. i wonder if that what its actually called?? oh well i am very proud of it. and i think who ever gets it (or the other one awaiting the flower) will be happy to get it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

this weeks movie review

this week i watched disturbia. it had shia labouf in it. and i loooove him too. not as much as edward norton. but i have watched him since he was little. he is an awsome actor. and this was a good move too. not scary at all. not really suspencful either. i guess cause i saw the window. that movie where the guy broke his leg so he sat in the window and watched people in the apartment complex. so i knew this story already. but still think i am gonna buy it. not sure. i give it 4 outta 5 stars. cause i though it would be scary or something and it wasnt.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

alexia finished her first full dance session

they got these little cakes for completing the full session. it took alot of talking to get that cake home so i could take a picture of it. but i did it. there was a white doughnut on it but that "magically disappeared" (can you see the powder sugar left over on her lip LOL) but i signed her up for another session today. so she starts back in Sept. well i am pooped from my day so see y'all laterzzzzzzzzzz

got my magic yarn ball

this is what my yarn ball looked like when i got it in the mail. i was so excited to get it. i could see the stuff in there and i wanted to just unravle it so i could get the goodies but then remembered i had a project in mind so i got to crocheting and made a towel. so here is the finished towel and all the goodies that i got outta my yarn ball. (the basketball is a magic towel)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

this weeks movie review

this week i watched the illusionist. i loved this movie. but i have love every movie Edward Norton has been in. starting with primal fear. now i figured out this movie as soon as the good stuff got going i knew the end. but there were times i wondered if i was wrong. i am definitely gonna buy this DVD so i can have it for those times the cable is out. and so i can watch it with my hubby when he gets home. i give it 4 out of 4 stars. everyone go watch it!!!!

snowman fridgie

i designed it myself. but i bet there is the same pattern somewhere out in crochet space. but i feel good that i didn't use a pattern though. i wanna tweak the hat more cause its to big in my opinion. but its not so big that it looks bad. well hope you like it. see ya

Monday, August 13, 2007

cow dish soap cover

aint she the cutest thing ever!! i got the pattern from the yahoo group called at my house. its really the pig cover but i did it in white and cute the spots outta felt. and used pom poms for the eyes and nose. i just love her to death.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

baby blankt

this is a simple DC back and forth nothing fancy. so there it no pattern.

fall doily

i made this for an exchange. its from a book called weekend projects or something to that effect. i cant remember. its my moms book and i just copied the pattern out of it. the book says its 10 inches but mine is almost 12 and i used a smaller hook so i guess its wrong somewhere but i still like it. it was fast to make too!!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

another mystery pattern

from that same group. so yet again i dont have a link. sorry its so blury. the reflection from the stove jacked it all up. but i posted it anyway. hope you like it


this was a mystery pattern in one of the groups i am in. so i dont have a link. anywho hope you like it

magic yarn ball

i made this magic yarn ball for someone. for those of you who dont know what a magic yarn ball is....... i got a skein of cotton suga and cream yarn. and i got some little goodies and then wound the yarn around the goodies one at a time so as she use the yarn the little goodies will fall out. like magic. there are about 2 little goodies in this one ball. sorry i didnt take a picture of the goodies before i put them in but maybe she willl take a picture of what she makes and the goodies that come out. well see ya laters
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