Tuesday, August 07, 2007

magic yarn ball

i made this magic yarn ball for someone. for those of you who dont know what a magic yarn ball is....... i got a skein of cotton suga and cream yarn. and i got some little goodies and then wound the yarn around the goodies one at a time so as she use the yarn the little goodies will fall out. like magic. there are about 2 little goodies in this one ball. sorry i didnt take a picture of the goodies before i put them in but maybe she willl take a picture of what she makes and the goodies that come out. well see ya laters


Blogger Carol said...

What a neat idea! Wish I had thought of it. I am going to try making one (maybe even BEFORE Christmas). You are very talented. Thanks for the good idea. Your doily is tops!!!! Beautiful. Enjoy crocheting... Carol in Bethany

August 23, 2007  

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