Sunday, July 01, 2007

this weeks movie review

now this movie is about 3 kids (kinda) 2 brothers who just cant get along. the older one is angry about his parents divorce and the the older sister (who you don't see much of) sleeps allot. the little brother finds a game in the basement that he wants to play with the older brother but he of course thinks its stupid. so the little one tries to play it aloe. after his first turn they notice the house is now floating in space and they have to finish the game in order to get home. there i a broken robot who wants to kill them and lizard men who want to burn there house and an astronaut they rescue. i started watching this movie while Alexia was in the tub. but when she got out she was so into it she couldn't even go put her jammies on unless i paused it. she really enjoyed it. i myself say if you say jumanji you have seen this. just instead of playing a game and a jungle coming out you play this game and outer space came out. so its good for kids but no really for grown ups. oh and the older brother is the same kid from bridge to teribethia (which i saw last week) it took me so long to figure out where i saw him at. any who that's my review for this week next week will be Marie Antoinette


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