Wednesday, February 21, 2007

spiderman afghan

thank goodness this is done!!!!! this thing got on my nerves sooooo bad. its just double crochet over and over round after round over and over. it was so annoying. i like doing things that are diffrent every round ya know. anywho its finished. and i got a call from jess this morning. he is in route and should be home tomorrow around 4 from what he says but he is gonna call me tomorrow and give me a more specific time. so i have been trying to keep super busy today so time will go by. luckly i am only half way threw my current book so i will be able to read that since i will probably be to ansy to sleep. and tomorrow i am gonna clean the computer room and vacume one good time and then take a shower and get all cute (but not to cute dont wanna look like i was trying ya know) and we might go out to lunch to help time go by. but might not depending on how fast time goes by while i am at home. so tomorrow is the big day!!!!!! so here is the link to where i got the pattern for the afghan.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


i made this tissue box cover for an exchange. its not

exactly like the directions. but i like it. for example the nose was supposed to be done in pink. no way. and there were supposed to be these cheeks too but i left then off all together. and i made him eyelids cause the eyes i have were to big. so it looks a little better. but now i can fit the eyebrows in there. but thats alright. the pattern is from a book called holiday tissue box covers. and hes sittin on a dishcloth. thats not part of the pattern. i hope my partner like it. i think i will get some lucky charms to send with it LOL anywho i gotta finish this afghan for my nephew next. i am almost dont but its gettin on my nerves. well im off for now.....hobby ho!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

afghan in a year

laura made these quares for me. yes the same one who

sent me the cow stamp. they turned out nice huh. she did a great job on them. thanks laura

Finished curtians

i finally finished these curtians. it took forever. i

tell you on thing...i wont be stamping anything for a while LOL. the flower basket my grandma made me. fits in perfect huh.
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