Monday, September 25, 2006

Finished baby girl set

i finally finished the baby girl set last night. this was my first time making a sweater or booties. they were supposed to match the blanket i made. sorry the picture is so dark. i still gotta get a new digital camera. well the links are:

for the sweater and

for the booties

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

girls baby afghan

I made this for a little baby in my FRG. She should be about a month old now and her daddy has never even held her cause he is deployed too. He wont even be home till she is almost 1 can you believe it. The afghan part was easy. But I hated doing the boarder. But that's just cause I didn't want to do it. it was super easy to do. I have to make a matching sweater for it too. Don't worry I will post a pic of that too. Here is the link for it. it says you have to be a member to open it. But I got it from one of those free pattern tear off things at hobby lobby.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cross Bookmark

well i must say this is my favorite bookmark to date. it was easy. its pretty and i didnt get board with it. the picture color is kinda off but its pink and blue with a pink and blue tassle. and white thread. and it looks exactly like the picture. alot of times when you make something it dont look like the picture but this does. i like it and will probably make more of them. the link is: hope you all like it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

april flower coasters

i made these to go with an exchange this month.
buuuuuut dummy me made the stuff before getting my partner. i made a blue kitchen set and my partners kitchen is red. oh well i am sending it to her anyway. hopefully she will still like it. my coasters dont look like the pictuer. in the picture the outside edge is wavy and mine is pretty round. and i did a double crochet instead of triple on round 5. but it still looks nice i think. sorry about the lighting in the picture. i am still using my web cam to take pictures. i cant wait till i get a new digital camera. well the link for these coasters is :

you will have to copy and paste that. it wouldnt fit on the line if anyone desides to make them lemme know if your edge turns out like the picture ok. Hobby Ho Lets Go!!!!!!!!
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