Wednesday, October 18, 2006

green christmas angel

i made this for my grandma for christmas. i got like 4 more to make. dont worry i will post them all

Friday, October 13, 2006

got a crad from a friend

a friend made this card for me i got it in the mail today. here is what the inside say:

What a lovely thing it is
To have a loyal friend,
Someone who understands us
On whom we can depend.
A friend who sees and knows,
Our faults
And likes us anyway
And never seems to take offense
At anything we say.
Who helps us through our troubles,
Stands by us in our need,
Such friendship transcends
Barriers of colour, race or creed.
For friendship is a precious gift
And we should always treasure
The ones who share our grief,
Our joy,
Our heartach and our pleasure.

isnt that beautiful!!!!! thanks so much spendy!!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tree Skirt

here is the tree skirt i made. its not a very good picture. but its red and green. at some point i want to weave some white ribbon around the outside. it wasnt to easy cause i messed up the edge where its supposed to meet in the back. it was frustrating so i just let it be medded up instead of fixing it. i held 2 strand together for this one. anywho. heres the link for it: i like the picture better. i didnt want to use whiet with a 3 year old though. thats just asking for stains. i may make another one next year. with out the messed up back LOL

Saturday, October 07, 2006

boy baby set

this set is just like the girl set. except the edging on the blanket. i thought the other one was pretty girly so i did the reverse sc like the directions said to do. well i dont have any links to post with this one cause they are the same as the other set. hope you all like it. and i hope the new mommies will like it too

Sunday, October 01, 2006

black cat fridgie

ok this is the goofies looking cat ever!!!!! the eyes just mess it up for me. but my mom things its cute so hopefully everyone else does too. the book i got the 2 (cat and witch) from is called holiday fridgies to crochet by leisure arts. its leaflet 328. it sure looks better in the book then mine does!!!!! oh well.

witch fridgie

i made this just now. its for new exchange prize for oct. its a magnet. i wasnt supposed to unravle the hair but i think it looks better that way. well i am gonna make a black cat to go with it now. dont worry i will post a picture of that too. i got the patttern from a book. i dont remember the name. its in my room. i will post the name of it with the cat one. they are in the same book.
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