Thursday, July 27, 2006

star potholder

someone in my group sent this through while i was moving. the min i saw it i had to make it. it got pretty annoying at one point cause its alot of round and round in single crochet. not really any pattern to the stiching. and it looks confusing until you put hte baordr around it to hold its shape. but i still love it. unfortunatly i am almost out of black so i cant make it a friend but i will definatly make this one again. this was from Annies Crochet Newsletter July-August 1986.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

alexia's shirt

i made this shirt for alexia today. it took like an hour to do. it was soooo easy. its backless. there is a tie around the neck and one under the little bobbie triangle thingies. but i just love it. jess calles it her hoochie momma shirt. oh and forgive my mess. we are moving in 3 days so i am packing and what not. here is the link to the shirt. my momma sent me the link. thanks momma!!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

pineapple fox doily

i finished this today. i am gonna take a break from doilies and make something else. i still want to do thread though. until i get good at it. maybe coasters or a bookmark or something. i couldnt get the end loops to round out right with this one. so i think i will wet it and reiron it another day. i dont know. we will see. there are a coulpe of booboos in this one too. but i am still tring to get the hang of it so oh well. the link is

hobby ho lets go!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Oblong Pineapple Doily

i started this last night and finished it today. and i must say i am not super happy with the end results of theis either. i think its just my blocking though. it dont look symmetrical to me. but its still nice i guess. its about 13 inches across. didnt take me long to do at all. i thought it would take days. but its all good. anywho thw link is

Friday, July 07, 2006

Cutie Pie Doily

okay i made this today too. man was i board today or what. but this was really easy to do. and not at all boring. it would be really easy to make this bigger too. its about 6 1/2 inches across. but i think its cute anyway. i am happy with this one. gosh i am getting pretty good at this. but still not at the level i want to be at so of course i will be starting another one right now. anywho here is the link:
so in the words of vo spader (person in my fav. book series called Pendragon: journeys through Time and Space. 10 books total) Hobby Ho Lets Go!!!!!

Pink Blush Doily

i finished this today. and let me tell you this thing was so boring to make. it took forever just cause i had to put it down after every row to avoid falling asleep. i am not all that happy with this one either. it looks messy to me. like the stiches are all leaning. and i woulda liked if the pinapples were bigger. i think it looked much better in the picture. maybe i shoulda done it in pink like the directions said LOL. oh and i never decided to do anything to the bookmark ends. i sent it as am exchange in one of my groups. so hopefully she will put something on it. well i am on to my next doily now. i am determined to get good at thread. ony way to do that is to keep practicing right. well post more later i guess oh yeah this was the Annies Attic pattern of the day from july 5th
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