Saturday, July 15, 2006

alexia's shirt

i made this shirt for alexia today. it took like an hour to do. it was soooo easy. its backless. there is a tie around the neck and one under the little bobbie triangle thingies. but i just love it. jess calles it her hoochie momma shirt. oh and forgive my mess. we are moving in 3 days so i am packing and what not. here is the link to the shirt. my momma sent me the link. thanks momma!!!!!


Blogger tiggysmum70 said...

That is sooo cute!! I wish I had half the patience and talent to knit or crochet. I am all thumbs. My grandmother tried to teach me. NOT happening!!

This is Melanie from the Fort Braggers group. Please visit my blog sometime!

July 26, 2006  
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