Monday, June 12, 2006

new red square

well i made this square and like it better then the first one. but when i was finished i measured it and it was 6 inches which is perfect but the first one was 7 inches across the middle and 5 along the edgs cause it was so round. so i couldnt send that one cause it would throw off all the rest of the squares. so i took it loose and made 3 more of these ones. i am gonna make some more of them today. we are putting this one together for a man who has polio. i was so dissappointed with that other square. but i might make it again for an afghan with all the same squares so they should all fit if they are all the same. i dont know we will see. today i am making more of these and another hat i think. well fere is the link:


Blogger laura said...

Oh Denise I love that square

June 23, 2006  

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