Friday, July 07, 2006

Pink Blush Doily

i finished this today. and let me tell you this thing was so boring to make. it took forever just cause i had to put it down after every row to avoid falling asleep. i am not all that happy with this one either. it looks messy to me. like the stiches are all leaning. and i woulda liked if the pinapples were bigger. i think it looked much better in the picture. maybe i shoulda done it in pink like the directions said LOL. oh and i never decided to do anything to the bookmark ends. i sent it as am exchange in one of my groups. so hopefully she will put something on it. well i am on to my next doily now. i am determined to get good at thread. ony way to do that is to keep practicing right. well post more later i guess oh yeah this was the Annies Attic pattern of the day from july 5th


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