Thursday, June 15, 2006

hat scarf mittens set

man that took forever to finish. stupid mittens. se i got a pattern for toddler mittend. it said 4-6 years old. well i tried them on alexia (who is 3) and they were to small so i took it apart and added some stiches in the finger part but stupid me forgot to add to the thumb too so i once again had to take it apart. then i took a break cause i was getting frustrated. then today i fixed it and the second one was a breeze since i knew what i was doing. the hat is the same one that was posted before that i did in blues i just made it shorter so it doesnt roll and the scarf is the same one as the brown one. just shorter. and the mittend i got from bevs country cottage. here is the link for them
but be warned these are for like a 1 year old i think. i also brused the inside of the mittens so they are softer. ok now i am on to my next project :)


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