Thursday, June 29, 2006


i made this today too. the cable and internet keeps going in and out so i had to pass the time. it was really easy to make. however i dont know how to keep the ends of the ribbon from unraveling. i thought i had a little of that no sew glue stuff but i dont. so i will have to try diffrent stuff on it. i glued the ribbon to the back also so it wont slide out. but i am sure if you pull it it will come out. but if someone pulls it then they must want it out right????? anywho here is the link to it


i finished this doily today. i am not all that happy with it. i dont think its all that good. it ruffled really bad before i iron id. i wet a washcloth and put over it (after i had streched it and stuff to get it flat) then dry ironed the wet washcloth. then let it dry. i dont think it even looks like the picture. but oh well. its dont. and i will find it a home. either by selling it or by giving it to someone. i had a few problems with the pattern too. once i started to ad-lib at parts it worked fine though. anywho this is the annies attic pattern of the day from the 25th of june. i am starting a bookmark now. well after i make alexia popcorn so she can watch aladdin

Monday, June 26, 2006

bike water bottle holder

i made this to attach to my cousins bike so when sh eis outside she dont have to keep comming inside to get water. i made up this pattern but i cant tell you what it is cause she took it home to VA so i cant tell ya how i didd it. all i remember is the shell stich LOL

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

my pin cushin

i made this up myself so i will try to give you the directions. sorry if they are wrong:

a piece of material
scrap yarn in 2 colors
some stuffing
an empty reynolds baking cups container
g hook

rnd 1: ch 4, sc in 4th ch from the hook, ch 1, (sc, ch 1) 7 more times join with sl st(8 sc, 8 ch 1)

rnd 2: ch 1, sc ch 1 in same st and in each sc and ch 1 space around, join with sl st to first sc (16 sc, 16 ch 1 spaces)

rnd 3 and 4: repeat round 2

rnd 5: ch 1, sc in same st, ch 1, (sc ch 1) in back loop only of every sc, join with a sl st. (16 sc, 16 ch 1 spaces)

rnd 6: ch 3, dc in ch 1 space, 2 dc in each ch 1 space, join with sl st in 3 chain. (32 dc)

rnd 7-9): ch 3, dc in each dcjoin with a sl st, finish off at end of row 9. (32 dc)

with second color ch 53
row 1: dc in 3rd ch from the hook and each rem ch (50 dc)

row 2: ch 3, *sl st in next dc, ch 3, repeat from * fasten off

cut circle in fabric about 2 inches bigger then container top on each side, hot glue the material edge around the outter edge of the container top, pleating every half inch or so leaving about 1 inch unglued, stuff with stuffing until as firm as you would like it, continue gluing closed. glue the trim over the edge of the material hidding the edge.

glue the base over the bottom of the muffin container, i just put a line around the top of the base and stuck it on.

insert pins in the top and store thembels, tape measurer or what ever in the bottom

now this is to the best of my memory so if you try it and find any mistakes please let me know.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

hat scarf mittens set

man that took forever to finish. stupid mittens. se i got a pattern for toddler mittend. it said 4-6 years old. well i tried them on alexia (who is 3) and they were to small so i took it apart and added some stiches in the finger part but stupid me forgot to add to the thumb too so i once again had to take it apart. then i took a break cause i was getting frustrated. then today i fixed it and the second one was a breeze since i knew what i was doing. the hat is the same one that was posted before that i did in blues i just made it shorter so it doesnt roll and the scarf is the same one as the brown one. just shorter. and the mittend i got from bevs country cottage. here is the link for them
but be warned these are for like a 1 year old i think. i also brused the inside of the mittens so they are softer. ok now i am on to my next project :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

new red square

well i made this square and like it better then the first one. but when i was finished i measured it and it was 6 inches which is perfect but the first one was 7 inches across the middle and 5 along the edgs cause it was so round. so i couldnt send that one cause it would throw off all the rest of the squares. so i took it loose and made 3 more of these ones. i am gonna make some more of them today. we are putting this one together for a man who has polio. i was so dissappointed with that other square. but i might make it again for an afghan with all the same squares so they should all fit if they are all the same. i dont know we will see. today i am making more of these and another hat i think. well fere is the link:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

red square

well i made this for a comfortghan in one of my groups but i am not sure i like it. it was a lot of work and it dont look square enough i dont like how its still roundish. i dont think i an gonna make more if this one. oh sorry its so blury i had to turn the flash of and i think i turnd of that anti shake whatever it is. but you can still see it good enough i hope. well i am off to find a new pattern then i have to make 3 more squares. here is the link:

brown scarf

i made a scarf yesterday. i spent most of the day in bed so it took no time to do. i used a pattern for a MAM strip/ i think it turned out really nice. its 58" long. i hope that is long enough. i dont know how long a scarf should be. my mom said it depends on the scarf. so i say thats long enough. well actually my yarn did cause i ran out LOL so i guess i wont be making a matching hat any time soon. not till i hit up hobby lobby and get more yarn.well im off to find a new project for today. chat more later. heres the link:

Saturday, June 10, 2006

finished sunflower set

well i have a set of potholders now. i woulda finished them last night but i feel like poo. stupid sinuses. but i got it dont. i am not to sure i will be crocheting much more today. i think i will fold clothes and lay in bed. my head is all floaty . oh yeah ignore the toddler fingers in the picture. alexia is trying to "take care" of me. shes so cute. anywho if i crochet something i will post it if not the you might not hear to musc from me till i feel better. so see ya when i see ya i guess

Friday, June 09, 2006

sunflower potholder

i made this today. i am about to start on its friend. i actually have enough yarn to make a set. well kinda. in the pattern it was supposed to be a daisy but i dont have enough white. but i had yellow and brown so now its a sunflower
and thats not white around the outside its this off white this these brown and grayish speckles in it. its really pretty its red heart super sport 4313 aran fleck not sure where i got it at. i think it was an exchange. anywho i got this pattern from the 1994 sept/oct issue of Hooked on Crochet! there are 4 diffrent flowers so after i make this on a friend i might try another.

green potholder

i made this potholder last night while i watched so you think you can dance. well hte pattern didnt call for a back side and i didnt feel comfortable with that so i made a back for it and then i ran out of verigated when i had 3 shells left of the boarder. so i just used some of the solid green. it dont look to bad. it was a really easy pattern too. i am definatly going to be making this one again. i got it from the annies attic book called potholders aplenty. this is a keeper. to bad i cant make it a set today cause i am out of the verigated one. but i will think of something to make though. ill will keep yall posted.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

water bottle holders

i have been making some water bottle holders too lately/ the blogger has been down so i couldnt load any pictures. but these are them. its not a very good picture of them but they are so easy to make. i used the pattern first and after that i have it memorized. i have made 3 so far. all diffrent blues the other one is verigated blue. i am making a hair bandanna out of the verigated now and then i will do some chapstick holders. jess dont think people will want the chapstick holders and only old ladies will want the water bottle holders. but we will see. hopefully i will open my esty shop soon. here is the link for the water bottle holders :

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

chapstick holders

i also made some chapstick holders too. i want to spit out a bunch of these to sell they only take like 10 min. to make. however i do see myself getting board with these real soon.
si i guess i better make as many as i can before that huh. hopefully i will be able to start an esty shop like my friend diann recomended sometime soon. these would be 1 dollar for 2

water bottle holder.

i finally am taking a break from the bandanas. i made this water bottle holder. however it was
to long for what i call a "normal" sized bottle of water. so i had to rip out some rows. i also put a clip in the back so it can clip onto a bag or belt loop or whatever. it can also clip your keys. i think next one i make i will do verigated cause this one seems a little boring looking to me. here is tha link:

Thursday, June 01, 2006

2 more bandanas to go!!!

someone else wanted one so now thats a total of 4 to make. i never did make something diffrent yet. but i will hopefully tomorrow.still dont know what i am going to make either. well i am gonna call it a day see yall later

another bandana

well i made another bandana today. i hope i am spelling that right. these are so easy to make.
i really hope its new owner (Val A) will like it. now i have 2 more to make. but not right now. i am about bandana out right now. i think i will do something small so i can get back to these at least by tomorrow. maby make some coasters or something. i dont know. we will see heres the link to the pattern:
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