Sunday, September 09, 2007

long week

well after looking at other peoples blogs apparently i am the only one who will have like 4 diffrent posts in one day for each thing so i am gonna try putting them all together in one. well first off i was gonna do a crochet along in my group. but only 2 people signed up to do it. so i did it so i could then tell them what to do. but then one fell ill (get well soon Laura!!!) so i emailed the book to the other lady. here is the picture of my completed crochet along:
the book is called pudgy autumn characters. its a sachet really. it smells so good. i didn't think you would be able to really smell it threw the worsted weight yarn but you can. ain't she a cutie. no clue where she will go. i am thinking on the table in the entryway. and since i was in the Halloween theme so much lately i then signed up for a scrunchi exchange. now i wouldn't wear them but Alexia is in love with hair stuff. shes so girly. so for my partner i made a Halloween scrunchi:

i used the beads i bought for the Frankenstein fridgie cause i really don't see any other time of year i would use black beads. this was done with worsted weight yarn. and i an not one of those people who string all the beads on then start crocheting. i put them on the loops as i crochet. any who since the exchange is for 2 scrunchies i made another one too:

this one is very big. the scrunchi stretched as i was crocheting so its not really a tight scrunchi but i will be cute with a sun dress or something i think. i trimmed this in white just to make it pop a little. i finished this while watching a movie (you will read about that in my movie post). i also signed up for a bookmark exchange. now i have a online friend who made me the cutest bookmark ever. and i have been wanting the pattern for over a year. well she finally sent it to me so i made it for this exchange:

now this i JACKED UP!!! i miss counted the stitches at the beginning. so its all shushed at the bottom. but ti was my first time with the pattern and i still think it looks pretty good. very Christmas time.. also very stiff cause I crochet so tight. well then i didn't have nothing to crochet today so i figured i would start on Alexia's doggie afghan. its a Maggie Waldon pattern. here it is as of 6 pm today:

so that it for now. hope you guys enjoyed my week!!!!


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