Monday, May 28, 2007

santa towel holder

i got this pattern from a book called holiday towel toppers byt maggies crochet. it was a realle easy pattern and i plan to make many more for christmas gifts. well maybe not many more. but at least 2 more. and i will make s few snowmen and stuff like that. but hes cute huh. took about an hour to do. i wes supposed to use googly eyes but didnt have any that fit so i thought the pompoms did ok. oh and apparently his hat is supposed to flop down but i crochet so tight it stands up. im awful i know. oh well i an gonna go hop on the treadmill then i will make another. i will post a picture when they are both done.
P.S. thats not the towel i will be sending with it. i am gonna get christmas ones from the dollar store at christmas time.


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