Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cow potholder

i made this to go in my new kitchen. since i will be moving back to VA due to the divorce i will get to decorate everything however i want to. and one of those ways is tons of cows. there will also be lots of pink and lots of scarface stuff. i love that move so much!!!! but the cow is called handy holsten. and is in the book hooked on crochet from 1994 (cant make out the months sorry) and its a make it tonight pattern. however i couldnt make it in a night cause i ran out of white yarn before i could do the ears (which i hate cause they look like mouse ears) but if i woulda had the white yarn i woulda been able to make it in a night. i started on a poncho so i wont make its friend until i am finished with that


Blogger maetta said...

I didn't even notice that the ears looked like mouse ears until you pointed it out! It really is a lovely potholder.

January 05, 2007  

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