Monday, October 22, 2007

alexias new shirt

thats right folks i am at it again. i made alexia a shirt. she is having a fall festival on friday and the kids are supposed to wear orange but no costumes or nothing. and it is all fall themed not halloween themed. however alexia didnt have anything orange so i asked her if she wanted me to buy her a shirt or make her a shirt. and her being 4 she wanted me to make it. so i whiped this up. total cost was about 7 bucks so its about as much as a store bought shirt. and she loves the fact i made it. she said its very plain so after the festival i might put an iron-on on the front or something. but i am glad it turned out so good. this is the first time i made something with no pattern. anywho i am gonna finish going nuts now. my hubby comes home tomorrow!!! i am so excited!!!!


Blogger Lesalicious said...

Love the shirt did great job on it without patterns. I don't follow patterns at all learn by trial and error. Alexia looks happy so that is what counts. Congrats on your hubby coming home:)

October 23, 2007  

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