Saturday, March 24, 2007

alexias new dress

so i was going to get some fake gem stone thingies from

the craft section in walmart and there in the front of the material section was this material. already had the elastic in it and everything. so i picked up a purplu patterned on and a peice fell off. so i picked up the peice and wrapped it around alexia and it was the perfect size for a dress for her. so i figured it was a sign!!! I AM SUPPOSED TO HAVE THIS MATERIAL!!!! so got 3 diffrent patterns. the purple this one and a green one. i will post those pictures later. but all i had to do was one line down the back to sew it closed. took like 2 min. and i used ribbon as the ties. its so cute. she is wearing it to an easter egg hunt today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got some of that material too it's just too cute to pass up! I love it Alexia looks so cute in it!

March 26, 2007  

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