Friday, November 10, 2006

Santa Shelf Sitter

i finished my santa last night. aint he cute. i forgot to add the puff ball at the end of the hat. but i think i will get a jingle bell for it. and let me tell you that hair was a pain in the a** to put on. cause its one long thing. an dthey kept falling down. it was so annoying. i went through 4 glue sticks on the hair. he is covering a can of soda. he is supposed to cover a cup of rocks but i dont have a cup of rocks so i used a can of root beer. did you know root beer is caffeine free??? well anywho i got the pattern from a book called Holiday Doorstops & Shelf Sitters by Annies Attic. well i am off to do more angels. see ya!!!!


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