Tuesday, May 30, 2006

made a potholder today

ok so i made a potholder so far today. and let me tell ya this was the WORST thing to do . first i joine the 1st and 2nd flower wrong and didnt figure it out until the last one to had to take them all apart. then the directions for the stem were all jacked up so i had to ad-lib on that part. the the directions for the back made the back to small so i had to add like 3 rounds. then figure out how to attact them cause there were extra stiches in the back cause i had to make it bigger. but the ruffle was ok. yep thats it just the rullfe was the only part that didnt make me want to yell. i am so not looking forward to making the one to match it. but i guess i better get to it so i can get it over with. i will post a pictuer of the 2 when i am done. oh by the way this is the annies attic pattern of the day from may 6th


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